To whom it may concern: A student Shamill came to our door today and we gave him 10 dollars for your organization. Please give him the bonus points for his awesome entrepreneurial skills. Best of luck with raising money for your organization in the future. I hope you enjoy the trip to the 9/11 museum. Regards,

Arielle Greenspan

Good evening, I just wanted to write and praise the young man, Shamill, who came to our home this evening for a donation. He was very polite and well-spoken. He did a great job explaining the program.


He came to our door yesterday and was very polite. Keep up the good work!

Cheryl Munk (West Orange)

Tyree did excellent with his speech ! I would love for you guys to come around daily !! I bought 5 items off him because of his speech! Thank you

Luis Shamill came to our door tonight. He impressed me with his professional demeanor. Hope all goes well for him in the future. Thanks to your organization for providing facilitating an opportunity for kids his age to develop good life skills and experiences.

Hi i wanted to compliment the efforts of Tyshawn Goodman, as I purchased a box of cookies from him yesterday. He was very professional and courteous in his dealings. Keep up the good work! Ron
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